Workforce Week 1

What is the Workforce/Career📷

Directions: Read the following information.  Once you read the information, take a few minutes to comprehend the information.  Then answer the questions and complete the writing prompt.

Reading: A workforce is a group of people that are working and who are available to work.  The workforce entrance happens through many different parameters.  It deals with an individual who builds solid relationships and resumes for positions.  Positions are open by skill and education.  Training is also available for a career option that you choose.  A career is a profession that an individual pursues.  The activity that leads to your job places you in a direct work pool of similar interest.  It is essential to look for a career option that works for you.  Although money is a big reason people may choose a job, the best way to choose is by interest.  You always want to love what you do.  If you love your work, you stay with the career path and gain experience.  When you gain experience, there is room to grow and get compensation raises.  Compensation is the money you earn from your job!





  1. In your own words, what is a career?
  2. What increases compensation?
  3. What is essential to have when going into the workforce?


Writing Prompt for the Week

After graduating, do you have the same goals in life? Did any field catch your interest? If you could choose a career, what would it be and why? How long would it take to get into your chosen career? (Write 8-15 sentences explaining your answer.)

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