Coding for East African Students

Many English Language Learners are not allowed to learn code. The need was determined for the population to have increased mentorship in STEM fields, specifically in computer science. Like Arabic or Spanish, we will teach children a language that will open career opportunities that otherwise would not exist. Current barriers preventing this sort of programming from occurring are race, finances, and gaps within digital literacy. Many refugee parents do not know anything about computers or the importance of coding fluency. Sadly, this information is usually not shared with refugee families as it is seen as “too much” information for newcomers to digest. This cuts children from learning information that would set them up for progressive careers.

Why is coding for multilingual kids necessary?

According to the Duke Chronicle, less than 6% of Computer Science majors are African. Only 7% of students taking the AP Computer Science Principles Exam were African American. We see this course as vital as other academic subjects. There are significant job gaps in coding.

Virtual afterschool coding activities

  1. Code A Kid offers online classes, both live and self-paced. The focus of the company is to generate 21st-century skills for children.
  2. ELL Advocates offers live and asynchronous coding classes in SQL and block code. The courses are designed for all students, including English Language Learners, to master code.
  3. Tynker teaches problem-solving skills through fun and games. Geared towards students 5-18, there are various options for learning code.
  4. CodeAdvantage offers many coding options for all ages and levels. There are camp opportunities as well as online courses.

Free afterschool coding activities

  1. offers numerous coding opportunities, all free, for students of all ages. The site poses the opportunity to “change the world” through code.
  2. Scratch is a free resource for students to learn block code and coding logic through the art of animation. It is highly interactive and allows students to create.
  3. LightBot is an app that teaches coding principles through puzzles. It has multiple entry points and levels to challenge all players!!
  4. Code Combat teaches coding through play. It uses text-based coding to teach students the art of writing code in a game.

Afterschool coding activities for elementary school

  1. Code for Fun offers online live courses and camps for young students. They even have in-person offerings depending on your location!
  2. ELL Advocates offers entry-level coding classes in SQL and block code for beginners. Students will create their coding presentations to demonstrate their learning and logic.
  3. Coding with Kids has extensive options for kids ages 5-18. The curriculum is highly individualized and project-based to encourage engagement!
  4. Cypher is a subscription that allows students to dabble in coding with one live course per week for $99.

Afterschool coding activities for middle/high school

This section will detail the best options for enrichment programs at the middle and high school levels.

  1. CodeKingdoms teachers are coding through games. Through the lens of Roblox and Minecraft, students will learn coding logic as they play some of their favorite games!
  2. ELL Advocates offers entry-level coding classes in SQL and Python that simulate the business environment. Students will create their coding presentations as analysts and data scientists. There is a vital communication and language focus in the courses.
  3. Code Wizards HQ teaches complex coding concepts to middle and high school students. There is a focus on Python, Web Development, and Databases. 
  4. CodeHS offers a comprehensive, fully-planned curriculum with sequences, assignments, and assessments. The curriculum builds to AP Computer Science!

Coding is just as vital as a foreign language!

Coding is essential for students in the global marketplace. Most English Language Learners are not allowed to participate in coding because of remediation needs. This requires change!! Many ELL parents do not know this is happening.

We look forward to being a part of this change.


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