Create an immersive, integrated environment for girls to learn and enjoy technological applications of data science and coding.

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March 28, 2023

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Throughout the course, numerous immersive activities will lead students to various software online. There will also be video clips, audio, training documents, and project directions. Students will create projects in different software and upload their artifacts. Projects will be open-ended, leading students to use their creativity while applying technology concepts in each module.

Course Currilcum

    • Week 1 Video Unlimited
    • Data & Design Unlimited
    • Filtering Unlimited
    • Trends Unlimited
    • Women in Tech Unlimited
    • Data-Driven Design Unlimited
    • Sketching & Fashion Design Assignment Unlimited
    • Flourish Project Unlimited
    • Week 3 Video Unlimited
    • Stitch Fix Unlimited
    • Data & Style Collaboration Unlimited
    • Bias in Tech Unlimited
    • Famous Women in Tech Unlimited
    • STEM Identity Project Unlimited
    • Future of Fashion Design Unlimited

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Lauren Mauel

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Lauren Mauel is entering her 9th year in education as a consultant and college Lecturer. She has a Bachelor’s in Mathematics from the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay and her 5-12 Math teaching license. Lauren also completed a Master’s in Data Science from Villanova University to begin learning ways to apply math in business scenarios. She will complete her doctorate and K-12 Principal licensure from Bethel University in December 2022. Lauren started ELL Advocates to dismantle the barriers within K-12 education for English Language Learners. Throughout her time in the classroom, Lauren noticed the inequities within educational systems. Her life goal is to change outcomes for ELL students and their families through positive mentorship and advocacy.